Collection: Bee-friendly Plants

The benefits of biodiversity for our gardens are well-known. Attracting pollinators to your garden also means filling it with beautiful flowers. These plants are loved by insects and bees for their nectar and pollen; planting a variety will ensure a stunning display and a great resource from Spring to Autumn.
149 products
  • Cosmos Sensation 'Pinkie' Seeds
  • Antirrhinum 'Appleblossom' Seeds
  • Ageratum 'Blue Mink' Seeds
  • Antirrhinum 'Orange Wonder' Seeds
  • Antirrhinum 'The Rose' Seeds
  • Calendula 'Sunset Buff' Seeds
  • Cynoglossum 'Firmament' Seeds
  • Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Tall Double Lavender Blue' Seeds
  • Tagetes 'Tangerine Gem' Seeds
  • Cleome 'Violet Queen' Seeds
  • Centranthus ruber - Seeds
  • Echinops ritro - Seeds
  • Tropaeolum 'Salmon Baby' (Nasturtium) Seeds
  • Alcea 'Single Mixed' Seeds
  • Cosmos 'Double Click Cranberries' Seeds
  • Cosmos 'Rubenza' Seeds
  • Zinnia elegans 'Whirlygig Mixed' Seeds
  • Centaurea 'Black Ball' (Cornflower) Seeds
  • Helianthus 'Buttercream' (Sunflower) Seeds
  • Heliotrope 'Marine' Seeds
  • Tagetes 'Vanilla Cream' Seeds
  • Alcea Black - Hollyhock Seeds
  • Cosmos 'Fizzy Rose Picotee' Seeds
  • Lavatera 'Dwarf Pink Blush' Seeds