Collection: Hardy Annuals

Hardy annuals are easy to grow as they can be sown outside where you want them to flower. If you sow them in Autumn they will establish and flower earlier than if sown in Spring. They can survive frost in Winter and a great way to get ahead with your borders and cutting garden.
75 products
  • Calendula 'Sherbet Fizz' Seeds


  • Papaver paeoniflorum 'Black Peony' (Poppy) Seeds


  • Ammi majus - Bishop's Flower Seeds


  • Nigella damascena 'Persian Jewels' Seeds


  • Borage - Seeds


  • Papaver rhoeas 'Pandora' (Poppy) Seeds


  • Lathyrus 'High Scent' (Sweet Peas) Seeds


  • Daucus carota 'Dara' Seeds


  • Papaver rhoeas (Poppy) Seeds


  • Chamomile Seeds


  • Nigella papillosa 'Delft Blue' Seeds


  • Nemophila maculata (Five Spot) Seeds


  • Salvia viridis 'Tricolor Mixed' Seeds


  • Nigella damascena 'Miss Jekyll' Seeds


  • Nigella hispanica White Seeds


  • Gypsophila elegans 'Covent Garden' Seeds