Collection: Edible Flowers

Growing your own edible flowers is a great way to add a splash of colour to your garden and your plate. A colourful garnish for that special celebration cake or pretty petals to liven up your salads for the wow factor.
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  • Calendula 'Sunset Buff' Seeds


  • Calendula 'Balls Improved Orange' Seeds


  • Dahlia 'Bishops Children' Seeds


  • Tagetes 'Tangerine Gem' Seeds


  • Helianthus 'Sunburst Mixed' Seeds


  • Centaurea 'Black Ball' (Cornflower) Seeds


  • Alcea 'Single Mixed' Seeds


  • Centaurea 'Double Blue' (Cornflower) Seeds


  • Tropaeolum 'Cherry Rose' (Nasturtium) Seeds


  • Helianthus 'Red Sun' (Sunflower) Seeds


  • Centaurea cyanus - Seeds


  • Borage - Seeds


  • Borage (White) - Seeds


  • Helianthus 'Harlequin Mix' (Sunflower) Seeds


  • Helianthus 'Buttercream' (Sunflower) Seeds


  • Tagetes 'Vanilla Cream' Seeds