Collection: Salad Leaves

Nothing says summer like fresh salad leaves picked directly from your garden. These are easy to grow and do well in window-boxes, pots or in a raised bed. Grow a selection of leaf types to enhance your salads.
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  • Lettuce 'Little Gem' Seeds


  • Pea 'Serge' – Pea Shoots - Seeds


  • Salad Leaf - Oriental Mix - Seeds


  • Watercress Seeds


  • Lettuce 'Salad Bowl Red & Green' Mixed - Seeds


  • Spinach Beet (Perpetual Spinach) Seeds


  • Lettuce 'Salad Bowl Red' Seeds


  • Salad Rocket Seeds


  • Mustard 'Red Giant' Seeds


  • Spinach 'Medania' Seeds


  • Pak Choi 'Chinese White' Seeds


  • Lambs Lettuce 'Vision' Seeds


  • Lettuce 'Lollo Rossa' Seeds


  • Lettuce 'All The Year Round' Seeds


  • Salad Leaf Beetroot 'Bulls Blood' Seeds


  • Atriplex hortensis 'Red Plume' Seeds