Collection: Biennials

Biennials get their name from the fact they flower in their second year of growing, but they are certainly worth the wait!  With their two-year life cycle; sowing them every year will ensure a colourful display each year.

20 products
  • Aquilegia 'Barlow Mixed' Seeds


  • Digitalis 'Apricot' (Foxgloves) Seeds


  • Dipsacus fullonum - Teasel Seeds


  • Echium vulgare - Seeds


  • Alcea 'Single Mixed' Seeds


  • Digitalis 'Excelsior Hybrids' (Foxgloves) Seeds


  • Alcea Black - Hollyhock Seeds


  • Salvia sclarea - Clary Sage Seeds


  • Digitalis alba (Foxgloves) Seeds


  • Digitalis 'Pams Choice' (Foxgloves) Seeds


  • Verbascum thapsus - Seeds


  • Digitalis purpurea (Foxgloves) Seeds


  • Myosotis arvensis - Field forget-me-not Seeds


  • Dianthus barbatus 'Messenger' Seeds


  • Myosotis 'Indigo Blue' - Alpine Forget-Me-Not Seeds


  • Lunaria annua - Seeds