About Us

Stocks & Green was born out of a lifelong passion for plants, the joy in growing flowers for the home, and cooking with home-grown vegetables.

Our hand-picked range features our favourite plants to grow from seed. Whether for flowers, vegetables or herbs. The range is a mixture of old favourites and some new varieties that bring something unusual or different to your garden.

Concerted efforts to be eco-friendly means that wherever possible we pack in materials which can be recycled (many can go directly onto your compost heap) – and as many materials as possible were recycled to start with.

We are a small independent business based in the UK, and we really do appreciate all the support we get. Every individual order will bring a squeal of joy, you have the power to do that!

Stocks & Green :-)

Stocks & Green Ltd
The Old School Hall
Little Tey Road

Email: info@stocksandgreen.com